This ist Christina

A short interview with Christina


How long have I been at the hotel

Since I was born... erm... the exact date isn't so important ;-) Anyway, I grew up at the Hotel Petrus together with my sisters and always enjoyed playing with all the children at the hotel. Later, I spent a few years travelling around the world - studying, apprenticeships and work placements. Since 2008 I have been firmly camped at the Hotel Petrus and it gives me great pleasure to run this hotel alongside my sister Brigitte and my parents


You'll meet me at the Hotel Petrus …

… actually, everywhere ;-) but mostly upon arrival at reception. It's also me who takes care of reservations.

This is how I gained my know-how

After school I completed an apprenticeship in the service industry. Of course, I had had the best training at our own hotel thanks to my mum. After that I successfully graduated from the School of Hotel Management in Innsbruck. Work placements in England, Ireland, Long Island, New York and Hamburg followed. In order to learn French, I then spent a summer working in Nice. I somehow still hadn't learned enough ... so I began a Master's in Communication Management at the Academy of Advertising and Marketing in Munich and wrote my thesis on the renovation of our hotel. I can now integrate all my acquired skills and experience into the running of the hotel - and a life without the Petrus is unimaginable for me.


This is what I take care of at the Hotel Petrus

Golf, marketing, reception and whatever else needs me.


What I love about my job

Inspiring people!

I'm happy when …

… our guests are beaming with happiness after enjoying a perfect day while on holiday.

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