Horseback riding in Val Pusteria

Where horses graze amidst the roses.

We have been horse lovers ever since we were little. The three of us used to race through the woods and the fields on our ponies. We were young and wild back then ... and so were the ponies. And while we are still young, we are much more responsible now ... or so they say. We ride calm, well-trained saddle horses from the Lechnerhof, where we also grow vegetables and herbs for our hotel kitchen. There is a riding stable and a riding academy with pastures as well as a show jumping course and arena. And the best thing is: The farm is only a short walk away from our hotel. Our riding instructor Paul is certified by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (FISE). He teaches both beginners’ and advanced courses as well as dressage and show jumping (on request). You can book single riding lessons right at the hotel, but we also put together individual offers for our guests, such as one private lesson a day or longeing lessons for beginners. We do not offer trips on horseback, but come see us anyway: We know where you need to go for that, too. On a side note: If you love roses, you absolutely must visit the Lechnerhof. After all, the one thing that Gerti is most proud of (apart from her daughters) is the 500 rose bushes that are planted all around the farm.

Preise für Reit- und Schulbetrieb an unserem Lechnerhof

Privatstunde € 48,00
Reitstunde (50 Minuten) € 28,00
Longierstunde (25 Minuten) € 25,00
Paket mit 10 Reitstunden € 25,00

Reiten ist nur gegen Voranmeldung und Vorauszahlung möglich. Mindestalter 8 Jahre
Unterricht in Dressur und Springen. Keine Ausritte möglich.

Terminvereinbarung direkt bei Reitlehrer FISE Paul Huber
unter 0039 3356653971


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