Ball served with a view

Tennis courts in the countryside

Novice tennis players know all to well how hard it is to keep a tennis ball in the game. But once you’ve understood the way it springs and bounces, you’ll be, well, having a ball playing this serve-and-return game, no matter how old you are. As an additional perk, tennis improves your flexibility and speed, exercises many different muscle groups, and makes you really agile. Beginners and pros alike will find what they need—only 800 metres away from the hotel. Certified coaches from the Riscone sports facilities will compile an individual programme for you on request, and of course, you can rent a racquet. The game itself is played on six well-prepared clay courts in the countryside. Add in the pleasant temperature and the panoramic mountain view ... training this backhand of yours has never been more scenic!

Und wenn das Wetter mal nicht mitspielt...

... dann gibt es nur 3 Kilometer vom Hotel entfernt - in Bruneck - die Tennishalle mit weiteren Plätzen.

Na dann.... gutes Spiel!

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