The Dolomites

Far more than just exceptionally beautiful

In 2009, the Committee of UNESCO announced what I think every time I look at the Dolomites or go hiking in them. Namely, that they are "a unique mountain landscape of exceptional beauty" and that the Dolomites constitute a "sublime, monumental and richly-coloured landscape".

The suns rays on bizarre giants

Their bright colours make them a very special type of mountain, changing their colour from almost white to an intensive red in the light of the evening. I could really watch this game of light and shadows for hours.

We are fascinated by the bizarre shapes which seem like something from another world. It's hard to imagine that many millions of years ago they were part of a coral reef surrounded by ocean. As the sea levels began to sink in the ocean basins, the Dolomites began to make their appearance. These rugged mountains, rising above gently undulating pastures make for a wonderful natural spectacle that will make your day.

Panoramic views form the peak of the Kronplatz

You can have wonderful views of the Dolomites from the peak of the Kronplatz. Take the first cable car (only 500 metres away from our Hotel Petrus) and watch from a height of 2,275 metres as the day wakes.

Paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and skiers

Every day we are active with our guests and hike or ski in the Dolomites.  Accept nature's invitation to actively experience the natural beauty with all your senses while hiking or walking, with the mountain bike or the race bike or, in winter, in the phenomenal Dolomiti Superski resort – perhaps together with our guides!

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