We're on holiday...

Our hotel is closed for holidays. Your requests for accommodation will of course be answered by e-mail.

We look forward to starting the winter season on December 7 and to welcoming you again soon.

Gerti, Hans, Christina, Brigitte, Daniela
and our lovely Collaborators

Gluten-free dumplings? Yum!

Have a feast. 

Gluten-free dumplings? Yum!

In 2002 Nadine and her parents spent their vacation at our hotel. She had been diagnosed with celiac disease shortly before. To give the family a relaxing holiday, we cooked gluten-free for the first time - or did what we understood by that. What began slowly is now a matter of course for us. Our own oven, our own freezer, our own warehouse, no knife may touch the wrong product - we know how important all of this is. In our kitchen we have therefore included the "Zöllis" in our concept. We are rewarded with smiling faces when the fresh gluten-free bread is at the breakfast table or the gourmet menu is waiting. And don't get us started on our gluten-free apple strudel ...

Our kitchen team with chef Hannes Baumgartner are also true professionals when it comes to gluten-free cuisine. And other intolerances, such as lactose intolerance, are no stranger to us. Our guests with gluten intolerance can easily switch to vacation mode and follow the parsley. It identifies all dishes that can do without the gluten.

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