Petrus Soul food

Our chefs takes you on a culinary trip through South Tyrol    

We love good food and that is not the only reason why the quality of the products that are processed in the kitchen is so important to us. We believe in natural, straightforward and regional cuisine. There is always the natural flavour of the ingredients at the fore. This is honest cooking at its best - and tastes incredibly good!

Gourmet 3/4 board


Fresh bread from the village bakery, homemade jams, cheese and ham from local producers, artisanal yoghurt, fruit, cakes, croissants, butter, cream cheese and homemade Bircher muesli or one of Claudia's delicious egg dishes. All this servd on your breakfast table together with a good italian cappuccino. The perfect start into the day.

By the way: We'll be there until 10.30 a.m. After all, we also have a heart for our late risers.


Afternoon snack

The Marende - an afternoon snack - is still today an important part of a successfull day on a South Tyrolean farm. Thats why we also offer our guests from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. a small afternoon snack. You can choose between delicious salads, a soup and a delicious piece of cake (and sometimes you will also find some additional surprises). Just to fill that peckish with a small snack between meals



Time for enjoyment: for us of the Aichner family, salad is part of every meal. Preferably in a large salad bowl, from which everyone at the table can serve themselves freely. This is why at the start of every dinner we place a bowl of salad in the center of each table. That is the red or better green thread of our served dinner that best describes one word: varied (and also adapted to the special needs of our guests).

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