Straight from the garden

Are you wondering what our secret is? We grow the ingredients ourselves and process them with utmost care.

Straight from the garden

People often ask us why our food is so good. It must be because we grow most of the vegetables, fruit, and herbs for our kitchen ourselves at the nearby Lechnerhof. But that fact alone is not all there is to it. Papa Hans also plays a major role: He takes such good care of the crops at the Lechnerhof, tending to them with such dedication and joy, that we believe that is why they grow so well and develop such aroma. In summer, our salad bar is even stocked exclusively with vegetables grown at the Lechnerhof. We are cultivating various types of leaf lettuce and courgettes, different varieties of pumpkin and cabbage, but also old varieties of apple as well as strawberries, currants, and the tender Val Pusteria asparagus. But what use are the best ingredients if you don’t know what to do with them? Rudi Leimegger and his kitchen team are using them to create delicious meals and products: Not only does the team make its own bread, pasta, and cake—some of it also gluten-free—, they also make various jams, cider vinegar, and elderberry syrup. By the way: If you would like to explore Papa Hans’s garden, you may do so as part of our guest programme. Or you can simply go and ask him: He’ll be happy to show you around his little green realm.

Papa Hans
Gardener by passion

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