What defines our kitchen

From our garden to your plate

How come your food tastes that good? We hear this question quite often. The answer is very simple. We do as much as possible ourselves. Most of the ingredients used by our chef and his team grow in our own garden. Anyone who grows fruit and vegetables themselves knows how much time they invest. A nice hobby for Hans, besides skiing and wood working. “If it were work, I wouldn't do it,” he says and laughs. And in the kitchen chef and his team create new delicacies with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. This is how our Dahoame tastes.

Thats why I love everything green ...

Hans is our man with the green thumb, but our cooks never let go of the scepter. They take care of their small herb garden directly at the hotel with parsley, chives, common sage, oregano and many other natural flavor enhancers. And now and then they also stop by the Lechnerhof to see what is growing in the field and whether the fruit trees are already bearing fruits. Huge fields and a paddock surround the yard. With this view it grows and blooms particularly well. Hans has planted 500 rose bushes over the years. The beautiful flowers in the hotel? Yes, another family matter

From A like artichoke to Z like zucchini

Respecting the natural crop rotation in the way that the soil stays healthy is a matter of course for Hans. He does not fight weeds with harsh means, but with a wellness treatment for the soil. By "dampening the earth," as he would say. Leaf salads, zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, the taste proves it right. Colorful carrots that don't win a beauty contest - or maybe they do? Canada, Count Oldenburg, "Lederäpfel", have you ever heard of these old types of fruit? Strawberries, currants, blackberries, which taste so good as jams with fresh bread. Hans favorite vegetables? The tomato. Red, yellow, blue, brown, black: in the greenhouse he grows them in different colors and shapes.


Our garden needs constant care and harvesting. We follow the rhythm of nature and let ourselves be inspired by the seasons. As natural as possible, everything should be the way we want it to be. Whenever possible, we farm our vegetables organically. We get strong support from our ducks. They are simply the best snail repellant.

Doesn't work, doesn't exist

Even at the agricultural school, Hans liked to experiment. And nothing has changed about that. Goji berries have been growing in the Petrus Garden long before the little red iron bombs in South Tyrol were known. Asparagus in Val Pusteria? Hans makes it possible. He is particularly fond of rarities and old varieties. The best example: the mountain artichoke. It's always a highlight when she spices up our kitchen for a short time. But then it makes room for new things again because we follow the seasons. That's exactly what Chef wanted. He loves nothing more than refining seasonal products.

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