Family Aichner - Reinthalstraße
I-39031 Reischach-Bruneck - South Tyrol - Italy

Brigitte Aichner

How long have I been at the hotel
I'm the eldest of three daughters and have therefore also spent the longest time at the hotel. From a very young age I was working diligently around the hotel. Some of our guests can even remember me bringing them their appetizers when I was 7 years old. I often showed off my 'talent' during barbecue evenings and sang a serenade together with my mum.

You'll meet me at the Hotel Petrus:
Serving you at breakfast and dinner.

How you will recognise me:
By my friendly smile and a friendly ear which is always available for any of our guests (but having said that, my sisters are no different ...)

These are my responsibilities at the Hotel Petrus:
Service and – as a qualified sommelier – wine advice for the guests.

My favourite place in the region:
There are many favourite places - but for me it's not only the beauty of an excursion that counts but also the culinary part during a stop off. I know all the good restaurants in Pustertal and will be happy to recommend one for your route. One of my personal favourites is the Oberraut Restaurant with its wonderful views of Bruneck.

What you shouldn't miss while on holiday at the Hotel Petrus. My tip:
A private breakfast at the Kappler Stoekl (upon request).

I love my job:
Because I can share what I love with our guests.

I'm happy …
… when our work is praised!

My motto:
One hotel. One family. Lots of passion.

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