Family Aichner - Reinthalstraße
I-39031 Reischach-Bruneck - South Tyrol - Italy


Daniela Aichner

How long have I been at the hotel

Like my sisters, I grew up at in the Hotel Petrus. When there weren't enough guests to play with, I spent the time playing with the hotel dog. When I was small, I discovered my love for graphic design. At the age of 8 I made it my mission to design my own hotel brochure. I didn't tell my parents and unfortunately it was never published ;-)

You'll meet me at the Hotel Petrus:

Now and again you'll find me at reception and also in the service area.

This is my career path up till now:

After completing a bachelor's degree in economics in Innsbruck - with a semester abroad in Copenhagen - I then started a master's degree in strategic management and tourism in Innsbruck.

These are my responsibilities at the Hotel Petrus:

Due to the fact that I spend most of the time studying, I support my family mainly at the weekend: wherever a hand is needed - at reception, service and especially, like my sister Christina, in the marketing department.

My favourite place in the region:
I find that Lake Braies is one of the most beautiful places in summer. In winter I love the wonderful panoramas around the Sella Ronda.

What you shouldn't miss while on holiday at the Hotel Petrus. My tip:

When you're visiting us in winter, the Sella Ronda is almost a must - and the ski safari with my father Hans is great!

I love my job:

Because I'm able to work where others take their holidays. What could be nicer?

I'm happy when …

… we receive positive feedback about our hotel from someone who has been here - whether it's personally or over the internet.

My motto:

One hotel. One family. Lots of passion.

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