Sudatories of all varieties

Wood, Barn, Fiori, Brine, and Bio: They’re going to make you sweat!

Is there anything more relaxing than taking some time out in the sauna after a long day spent outdoors? It has been proved that the elevated temperature encourages blood flow and revives the muscles. We have five different saunas and steam baths in our spa area: The Wood sauna “Wald”is our largest sauna, and its 85 °C are sure to make you sweat. The Barn sauna “Stadl”, too, heats up to 85 °C. We used untreated barn wood to build it.


If the Finnish saunas are too hot for you, you can go to the Fiori sudatory (65 °C) instead. You may have guessed from the name that flowers play a role in the Fiori sauna, and not just any old flowers: The rose petals and herbs have been plucked at our Lechnerhof, of course, and fill the sauna with a particularly lovely scent. The brine steam bath “Sole”(45 °C) with mountain salt is particularly good for your airways, and our“Bio”sauna is a textile sauna, which means that children are allowed and users may wear a bikini or swimming trunks: It is located in the pool area outside of the sauna area.

The Wood sauna “Wald”is
our largest sauna, and its 85 °C
The Fiori sauna:
flowers play a role

The Barn sauna “Stadl”:
85 °C & untreated wood

The brine steam bath 
“Sole” (45 °C) with mountain salt

Our  “Bio”sauna
is a textile sauna.

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