We're on holiday...

Our hotel is closed for holidays. Your requests for accommodation will of course be answered by e-mail.

We look forward to starting the summer season on May 16 and to welcoming you again soon.

Gerti, Hans, Christina, Brigitte, Daniela
and our lovely Collaborators

Quiet, please!

Rest, recreate, and open your mind

There are different rest areas in our Dahòame spa where you can feel the power of nature. The Lana relaxation room introduces our guests to the positive effect of wool, which is found here in combination with peat, willow bark, Swiss pine shavings, linen, and medicinal herbs. Our Hay Barn will give you the true hay experience, whereas the health-enhancing properties of Swiss pine wood are put to good use in the Cirmolo room. Swiss pine is the ideal wood for a relaxation room: You can breathe in the scent and come to rest while lying on a water bed. The ergonomic day beds in the Cubus room are ideal for reading and relaxing. But the real kicker is that the soles of your feet are massaged with cherry stones on the reflexology bench. If you want to feel like floating on clouds, you should retreat to the White Room: With no distraction whatsoever, it is the ideal place to read and chill out.

XXL Couch
Cigliega: top feeling!
Fieno: eau de nature
dohòameSPA: in touch with nature
Garden & Pool

Livingroom: couchsurfing

Lana: natural comfort

The white room


Barefoot woodwalk

XXL Sofa & outdoor pool

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