Family Aichner - Reinthalstraße
I-39031 Reischach-Bruneck - South Tyrol - Italy

Indulgence for your body, mind and soul

with the Petrus spa offers, massages, dreamy baths and Hammam

At the Hotel Petrus we not only wish you a wonderful stay, we we want to enrich it for you - for example with wonderfully relaxing massages from Ayurveda to Lomi-Lomi, with dreamy baths at the Petrus or with the spa like in 1001 Nights in our oriental steam bath.

Our Hammam can also be rented as your own private spa - for unforgettable hours of pampering for two. We can also set up your whirlpool on your patio (Lounge room / Angel Deluxe). Immerse yourself and get away from the routine of daily life with fragrant care extras - and take in the magnificent views of the mountains ...
Our tip: Ensure your piece of pampering with comforting baths at the Petrus wellness hotel when making your holiday booking ...


  • Rasul bath for two persons

Rasul bath for two persons

Indulge yourself and experience unforgettable moments in our private spaImmerse yourself in our relaxing Rasu bathl and experience the revitalizing effect of healing clay packwhich will be applied in your own private sauna ...
Duration: approx. 90 min.
€ 120,--

Peeling massage Maria Galland

By the action of the salt from the Dead Sea cell renewal is stimulated. The skin is smooth, firm and tender.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 55,--

Herbal stamp massage

The warm herbal compress promote blood circulationgood for cellulite and radiant beauty.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 75,--

Classic Ayurveda Massage

By the massage with warm oil special waste products are removed from the tissue. Beam power, energy and vitality return.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 65,--

Ayurveda Massage "Kerala"

By ayurvedic herbal oil blockages are releasedCleansingstrengthening and regenerating effect.
Duration: approx. 70 min.
€ 80,--


Pressure treatment of nerve endings in the feetGood for stressand nervousness.
Duration: approx. 25 min.
€ 38,--

Full body massage

The whole body is relaxed with special grips.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 53,--

Lymphatic Drainage

Good for congestion, edemawith weight loss and cellulite treatments.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 55,--

Manager Massage (Head, neck)

Release tension in the shoulder and neck area.
Duration: approx. 25 min.
€ 32,--

Classic partial massage

Usually it needs the back the most.
Duration: approx. 25 min.
€ 30,--

Face massage with vitamin

Facial massage with high quality essential oils.
Duration: approx. 25 min.
€ 30,--

Alpine Resonant leg massage

A combination of alpine tradition and tested techniques of ancient cultures brings body and mind Harmon in harmony
Duration: approx. 25 min.
€ 38,--

Anti Cellulite -Soin Modellant Corps

A body treatment with exfolation, massage and firming treatment.
Duration: approx. 60 min.
€ 75,--

Deslagging - packet

For the perfect detoxifying your body.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 180,--

Wellness at the highest level
€ 230,--

Wellness package for him

Relax and beauty package for men
Minimum Duration of Stay: 2 Nights
€ 160,--

Pamper your body with the Deluxe - Wellness package
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 250,--

All around nice
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 130,--

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