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From our garden, onto your plate

The secret of good taste

I am often asked how it can be that the food at our hotel always tastes so good. So, as a vegetable gardener, I would like to reveal part of the secret here:

I firmly believe that my plants realise that I provide them with so much love and care that they thrive and in return for this they develop such a wonderful flavour. Of course, the garden is a lot of work but it is at the same time one of my biggest passions - as well as skiing and wood carving, my family and the hotel.

Just a few minutes after being harvested the vegetables are in the Petrus kitchen where they are then processed by our first-class master chefs, Rudi and Martin and their team, and turned into refined Tyrolean specialities and other delights. It's as fresh as it gets!

  • Our own farm with vegetables, fruit and herbs
  • As far as is possible, farmed organically
  • Salad buffet in summer with 100% home-grown products

Vegetable garden, greenhouse, fields, herb garden, rose garden ...

Our herb garden is right outside the hotel so our chefs take care of it themselves. My "kingdom" - the vegetable garden, greenhouse and orchard - is at the Lechnerhof, about 500 metres away from the Hotel Petrus. It's our second building, complete with apartments and surrounded by fields and paddocks and covers an area of 7 hectares.

500 rose bushes adorn the Lechnerhof with everything from classic scented roses to the Hybrid Tea Rose. The roses are the pride of my wife Gerti and provide a fantastic scene in front of the beautiful mountain scenery.

From A as in artichoke to Z as in zucchini

In the fields we alternate between grain, forage maize, table potatoes and seed potatoes - amongst them the very rare Pustertal seed potato with its amazing aroma! In the vegetable garden I prefer different lettuces, zucchini, pumpkin and various types of cabbage - and, for the last few years, the Pustertal asparagus which simply melts in the mouth! Several varieties of delicious apples thrive in the Lechnerhof garden and also strawberries, redcurrants and blackberries do very well - nd you can get to sample these tastes in winter too - in our delicious jams and marmalades.

Life is organic!

As far as possible, I cultivate our vegetables organically. My little helpers are, for example, the Indian runner ducks, who protect the vegetables from snails. Sometimes it's just so simple to replace the need for chemicals and I try to come up with new ideas.

Fresh, crisp and exceptional!

If I discover something new, I simply have to try it! I've already planted goji berries and that at a time when nobody had heard of them. They contain a huge dose of vitamin A, 21 essential trace elements and more iron than spinach. Unbelievable!

I particularly enjoy growing tomatoes in all shapes and colours: red, yellow, blue, brown, black ... I also love to surprise our master chef Rudi, who has been with us since 1991, with rare vegetables such as the mountain artichoke and try to do it again and again. Of course the guests also have wide eyes sometimes - as they are carried away by the delicious tastes.

Come along to our garden!

I would love to show you my garden paradise personally - either as part of the guest program or spontaneously. Please contact me and let me know.


Hans Aichner

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