The most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites

#1: Lago di Braies: Terence Hill was thrilled

Ever since the Italian TV show “Un passo dal cielo” (“One Step From Heaven”) was filmed in this idyllic place, Lago di Braies has ceased to be an insider tip. But that should not stop you from paying this lake in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park a visit. Just ask us for the perfect time. We know. The lake is also the starting point for a number of great hiking tours. And if you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can walk around the lake, or rent a rowing boat. Only the bravest of the brave dare to jump into the truly cold water: the lake barely ever warms up to more than 18 degrees!

#2: Lago di Anterselva: All around or straight across

Lago di Anterselva is located in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park, which is particularly attractive for hikers and bikers. More leisurely inclined hikers had best walk around the lake: the nature discovery trail includes fir-cone throwing and brook-stone skipping but also a search for the carnivorous plants that grow there. And if those do not deter you, you should definitely jump into the deliciously cool lake. It’s worth it!

#3 Lago di Sorapis: You’ll be “soraprised”!

Strictly speaking, Lago di Sorapis is not even located in South Tyrol but in the neighbouring province, Belluno. Never mind: it only takes a reasonable amount of time to get to the lake from Dobbiaco. You should definitely go on this easy hiking tour, because the pastel turquoise colour of the lake is truly one of a kind! The water may be ice-cold, but some mountaineers will still insist on swimming at least a few strokes—but no more than that!

#4: Laghetto d’Issengo: The “Puster Valley Sea”

The locals affectionately call the pond “Il mare della Val Pusteria”, the “Puster Valley Sea”. This pond, which is adjacent to the Kronaction high ropes course, is one of the last pond biotopes in South Tyrol, a natural gem with exceptionally diverse flora and fauna and a very high water quality. A year-round restaurant is located directly by the pond. It also serves as a sunshade and sunbed rental. The pond is also a paradise for children: There is a small playground, a waterslide, and a plume of water located in the middle of the pond.

#5: Sottovoce… è un segreto!

We would love to let you in on the little secrets with many more insider tips, but we can’t very well write them down here, or they wouldn’t be secrets any more. Come to us, and we will whisper a highlight or two in your ear.

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