This is us

Us, that’s Papa Hans, Mama Gerti, and us three sisters, Brigitte, Christina, and Daniela. Papa Hans makes sure that the house is always in shape and pays regular visits to the golf course. He is passionate about skiing and our garden at the Lechnerhof. Mama Gerti is the heart and soul of the house; she takes care of simply everything, and she is always there in times of need. She knows the Dolomites like the back of her hand, and she knows which summit has the best acoustics for a hearty yodeller.

Brigitte is the oldest of the three sisters: Her domain is the reception desk and service. A trained sommelière and declared gourmand, she is not only in charge of the Tasting Menu but also knows which huts and restaurants to recommend for eating out. Christina is the head of the house: She is always on top of things and coordinates all the departments. She is a passionate golfer and has a number of tournament wins under her belt. Daniela is youngest of the three sisters, she is mainly working behind the scenes, but also staffing the bar or the reception desk. Lotte is our furry family member. She is enjoying the dog life at the Petrus to the fullest.

This is what a holiday with us looks like...

Hans tells about the history of the hotel

Two generation - One goal!

"I still remember the day, when the architet was standing in the meadows below Plan de Corones, where the hotel was to be built. He said: "Hans, I have great Idea... Let's turn the house in the same way the mountain is formed. In this way it harmonizes with the energy and the house is set up towards south. In this way your guest will have sunshine all day long!"

At that time, my daughters were not yet born. Today, around 4 decades and many renovations later, we are a 4 star superior classified hotel. Our kitchen has been awarded by Gault & Millau. Our new rooms & suites are modern oases of well-being with exclusive extras such as a whirlpool on the balcony or a huge outdoor living room. And we are happy about many regulars who have been loyal to us for decades.

My three daughters Brigitte, Christina and Daniela have joined the company and run the Hotel Petrus together with me and my wife Gerti. I'm very proud of this situation. And it makes me happy to see how everything has developed. "


One Family - One great Team

We are a team as a family and as hoteliers.

We respect each other, we listen and decide together. Our common goal is that our guests enjoy a wonderful holiday here with us. We all pull together - including our employees, most of whom have been with us for many years and who therefore are simply part of PETRUS!

With passion and joy

We have divided the responsibilities in the family so that, as far as possible, anyone can pursue what he has the greatest passion for. So everyone gets the joy of what he does. And that's what the guests feel, too, whether we do something with passion and love or not. All three daughters also have a love for nature and really appreciate that we have paradise on our doorstep.

Brigitte, Christina and Daniela have completed various training courses in the hotel and restaurant industry and bring a lot fresh good ideas into the house.

"The inheritance of my father"

"Surely my dad looks down on us from time to time and is happy about how everything developed so far.

Unfortunately my father Peter Aichner passed away 3 months after the hotel was opened.

In memory of him and in honor of the patron saint Peter, to whom the village church is dedicated, we have given the new house the name "Hotel Petrus".
The patron saint Peter manages the key to the sky gate - and this key has become the symbol of the Hotel Petrus. "
Hans Aichner

This is us