In the footsteps of the biathlon pros in Antholz (about 15km away)

In the beautiful Antholz valley you can glide and skate along a trail network that is 60 kilometres long and for all levels of ability. Of those, 30 kilometres are located in and around the famous cross-country skiing and biathlon stadium at romantic and snow-covered Lake Antholz. Snow is guaranteed and the biathlon centre in Antholz Obertal is easily reached using the free cross-country skiing bus which runs several times a day. The biathlon world cup takes place every year in Antholz.

More wonderful cross-country trails in the Dolomites

To Lake Braies (about 20km from Hotel Petrus): Glide across white, snow-covered meadows and fields to the idyllic Lake Braies along the intermediate level trail. Access to the trail available at: Untergasse (1140 m), Säge (1200 m), Schmieden (1222 m), St. Veit (1342 m); Height difference: between 360 and 158 metres; Length: between 3 and 9 kilometres. Cross-country trail St. Vigil in Enneberg (about 10 km away from Hotel Petrus): The beautiful cross-country trail begins right in St. Vigil in Enneberg, through the picture book winter scenery and along the romantic Val de Mareo valley to the mountain guest house in Pederü. The trail has tracks in the snow but is also marked out for skating and is a total of 24 kilometres in length. Plätzwiese high trail round-course (about 20 km away from Hotel Petrus): It is not unheard of for Olympic athletes preparing for Olympic gold to do their training at the unique High slopes in Plätzwiese in the Pragser valley. However, it is also suitable for beginners and connoisseurs. Experience the peace and quiet of nature combined with the stunning views of some of the most famous peaks in the Dolomites (the Gaisl, Monte Christall and Tofane). Starting point: the Plätzwiese mountain inn .

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