Our start to the day

“Breakfast? My favorite meal”

For us, there is nothing better than to ease in to the day with a delicious breakfast.  That's why we are not big fans of the term BreakFAST.  We would much rather have a BreakSLOW, for a slow and relaxed start to the day. 

Take a seat and relax. Your breakfast will be served directly to your table in just a moment. A small breakfast buffet all to yourself! We have put together a selection of different products and tasty treats.

All products are of the highest quality. From small, regional producers. Or homemade. Everything has been tried and selected by us. And there is something different every day. 

Our breakfast menu

In addition to our breakfast board, there is a daily changing breakfast menu served directly at the table. With a homemade vitamin smoothie, a sweet and savoury dish and a large selection of egg dishes to choose from. All from the happy Auslugerhof hens.


By the way: We are there for our breakfast guests from 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
(we also like to sleep longer on vacation).
External guests are also welcome to feast with us, but only with a reservation.

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